Using Cassandra with Spark

DataStax Spark Cassandra Connector

Kindling: An Introduction to Spark with Cassandra – Part 1 (Planet Cassandra)

Make sure you use cassandra connector compatible with spark version
Deploy jar dependencies along with packaged code to spark cluster manager.
Manually download correct version of sbt-launch.jar if the sbt compile script in the datastax-connecter distro fails (as it did for me).
Try out the Datastax Cassandra demos

Other Links:
Cassandra Connector Implementation Documentation (Data Stax)
DataStax Java Driver for Apache Cassandra – Binary distribution 2.0.12 API (Data Stax)
Getting Started with Cassandra and Spark (Code Mentor)
Getting Started with Apache Spark and Cassandra (Datastax Academy)
Build and Deploy a Spark Cassandra App (
Introduction to Spark & Cassandra (Rustyrazorblade)

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