Statistical Regression Study Guide

Topics to review and focus on separately so you can lighten the cognitive load, skip around, and more easily get the big picture when learning regression modeling….

Use Cases and Modeling Examples
– Understand the scenario
– What kind of data is involved
– What are the statistical characteristics of the data
– What is the problem or hypothesis to solve
– What type of model is used solve this problem
– How is the model applied to solve the problem
– How are answers to the hypotheses used in decision making

Model General Information
– Types of data model operates with
– What type(s) of output does model produce
– What questions can you answer with model
– How is it different from other models

Model Derivation and Assumptions Math

Fit Analysis Methods General Information

Fit Analysis Methods Derivation Math

Fit Analysis Application

Diagnostics Methods General Information

Diagnostics Methods Derivation Math

Diagnostics Application

Estimation / Prediction Methods General Information

Estimation / Prediction Methods Derivation Math

Estimation / Prediction Application