Hypothesis Testing

Primers from Stattrek.com
– Hypothesis Tests Intro
– Hypothesis Tests Effect Size and Factors
– Hypothesis Tests Procedure

KhanAcademy Inferential Statistics
Hypothesis Testing w/ one sample
Normal distribution
Empirical rule
Sampling distribution of sample mean
Hypothesis Testing w/ two samples

Jason Delaney Playlists
Hypothesis testing – one population – mean or proportion
Hypothesis testing – 2 populations – means or proportions
Inference for Variances (Jason Delaney)


Special Products in Sage

Initializing Variables:

sage: a,b,c,d,x = var('a,b,c,d,x')

Product of a Monomial and a Binomial

sage: eqn_mon_bin = a*(c+d)
sage: eqn_mon_bin.expand()
a*c + a*d

Product of the Sum and the Difference of Two Terms

sage: eqn_prod_sum_diff = (a+b)*(a-b)
sage: eqn_prod_sum_diff.expand()
a^2 - b^2

Square of a Binomial

sage: eqn_bin_sq = (a+b)^2
sage: eqn_bin_sq.expand()
a^2 + 2*a*b + b^2

sage: eqn_bin_sq_diff = (a-b)^2
sage: eqn_bin_sq_diff.expand()
a^2 - 2*a*b + b^2

Product of Two Binomials

sage: eqn_bin_prod = (x+a)*(x+b)
sage: eqn_bin_prod.expand()
a*b + a*x + b*x + x^2

Cube of Binomial

sage: eqn_bin_cube = (a+b)^3
sage: eqn_bin_cube.expand()
a^3 + 3*a^2*b + 3*a*b^2 + b^3

Square of a Trinomial

sage: eqn_tri_sq = (a+b+c)^2
sage: eqn_tri_sq.expand()
a^2 + 2*a*b + b^2 + 2*a*c + 2*b*c + c^2


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