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Expedia Los Angeles Vacation Travel Guide

Koreatown Los Angeles

Farmer’s Markets

Griffith Park

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Anza Borrego Desert Nature Center flora

LA Weekly

REI Classes in LA

Departures Field Guides (Kcet.org)

Exploring Larchmont, LA’s smallest neighborhood

A Walking Tour of Larchmont Village

L.A.’s best rooftop bars

20 great things to do in Los Angeles for tourists

22 must-see Hollywood attractions

Web Dev Stuff

GitHub Markdown Viewers/Editors
— http://dillinger.io/
— https://stackedit.io/editor

Good UML Tools
— http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19978983/is-there-a-google-doc-style-uml-tool
— https://www.draw.io

Markdown UML
— http://support.typora.io/Draw-Diagrams-With-Markdown/
— https://hackernoon.com/markdown-code-blocks-and-beyond-lightweight-diagramming-with-plantuml-9c8f2009cac0


How to fix Fatal error: Class ‘PDO’ not found in PHP apps like Drupal, Prestashop, Joomla, etc

PHP Fatal error: Class ‘PDO’ not found

Javascript Regex tester

Dev Ops Stuff

Running Bash Commands in the Background the Right Way [Linux]

Linux: Start Command In Background

How To Use Bash’s Job Control to Manage Foreground and Background Processes

How can I wake a process from sleep status via signal or /proc?

Move Running Process to Background & Nohup

JOBS & PROCESS CONTROL – moving process to background – a new process, or a running process – bg/fg & the difference between disown/disown -h/nohup

How to Find Files and Folders in Linux Using the Command Line
How to Get Default Gateway Address in Mac OS X

Find a Router IP Address in Mac OS X

How to get permission number by string : -rw-r–r–

Display The List Of Recently Installed Packages By Date On Ubuntu

How can I view last installed package or program?

How To Use Netcat to Establish and Test TCP and UDP Connections on a VPS

How can I import a large (14 GB) MySQL dump file into a new MySQL database?

Solve Wi-Fi Coverage Problems with WiFi Explorer and NetSpot

Vi Command Cheat Sheets

18 Tar Command Examples in Linux

“chroot” Command Usage Examples in Linux

Linux / Unix: chroot Command Examples

How To Set Up vsftpd for a User’s Directory on Ubuntu 16.04

Linux rename command – How to rename multiple files by replacing word in file name?

Linux rename command in Mac OS

CPU performance measuring in linux perf tool

Basics of the Unix Philosophy

5 Ways to Download Complete Websites For Offline Access

How to Open Multiple Instances/Windows of Notepad++